Marskraft is your source for quality building materials supplies, offers its customer’s expert, experienced and professional advice on building projects from a commercial and residential sector, from renovation to cutting edge. Our business has been built on a foundation of outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and excellent stock availability.






Marskraft is an independent distributor and stockist for high-quality roofing tiles and flooring tiles for highly competitive price throughout Bangalore.   No matter what is the requirements of your project, Call or contact us online we are always happy to help with any enquiry.  Among our various products are Bricks – Solid Bricks, Hallow Perforated Bricks, Wall Bricks, Wire Cut Bricks, Two Hole Wall Brick, Four Holes Wall Brick, Perforated Clay Brick, Tapered Wall Brick, Half round Wall Brick, Facing Brick, Designer Brick, Construction Building Brick, and Clay Building Brick.  We also deal with Roofing Shingles – Asphalt Roofing Shingles.  Among Jally, we have Wall Jally, Five Hole Wall Jally, Flower Wall Jally, Monier, Mangalore Tiles.  We deal with roofing sheets and with Onduline.  In Onduline we have various products namely Onduline Classic and Onduline Duro.

We are also dealers for class products in Terracotta Tiles, Clay Roof Tiles, Ridges, Flooring Tiles, Concrete Paver, Classing tiles, Imported Tiles, Ceiling Tiles, Cement Roofing Tiles, Concrete Tiles,  Clay Tiles, Paving Blocks, Corrugated Roofing Sheets, Ceiling Tiles, Clay Blocks, Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Stone Jalli, Wall Tiles, Brick Tile, Concrete Flooring Among the Concrete Roofing tiles we deal with Monier – Elabana Concrete Roof Tiles, Concrete Plano Roof Tile.

New among the tiles are the Decorative Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Clay Ceiling Flower Brick Tile, Mini Clay Ceiling Brick Tile, Clay Split Brick Tile, Concrete Flooring, Concrete Roof Tiles, Star Circle, Crystal Floor Tile, Orchid Floor Tile, Caramel Floor Tile, Bamboo Shape Roofing Tile, Premium Roofing Roman, Premium Roofing Marseille,  Spanish Roofing Clay Tile, Portages Dutch Roofing Clay Tile, Designer Floor Tile, Terracotta Wall Cladding, Porotherm Clay Hollow Block, Japanese Roof Tiles, Asthangudi Tiles, Roofing Sheet, Industrial Roofing Sheets.

As we deal in almost all the types of roofing materials throughout Bangalore, Hubli, Dharwad, Ooty, Mysore, Coorg, Mangalore, Shimoga, Gulbarga, Raichur, Belgaum and our reach in supplying the materials to any parts of Goa, Karnataka and South India within the required times makes us a place to trust with.


Marskraft aims to be a leading one shop stop for all roofing solution in the construction industry with innovative products bridging the gap between the industry and manufacturers thus enabling the end customer to have the latest and the best material thus creating value addition to all stakeholders.


Marskraft would like to see itself as a company where our clients would look at us as a First place for Products – both Innovative and traditional, thus creating a Trust with building Relationship within our clients to grow as a top solution provider.



We pride ourselves in offering a wide-range of premium roofing products and fittings, our extensive inventory of natural is the perfect addition to any home adding luxury and beauty at reasonable prices. Our product range contains Terracotta clay tiles and Concrete roof tiles with color and texture options.


The handmade terracotta tile are perfect for any traditional home whilst retaining that modern finish. Our Wide range of flooring products suited to meet the needs of your facility. Concrete floor tiles and Exterior pavers are available in a number of patterns and textures.


We believe our ceiling and wall tiles are a fast and simple way to create beautiful and environmentally friendly spaces. Terracotta ceiling and wall tiles made from Indian clay are extremely hard and impermeable, making them highly resistant to moisture and stains.


As one of the Bangalore’s foremost stockists of Bricks and Hollow Blocks, We offer a superior quality of bricks and hollow blocks to meet the demands and specification of any project. We are distributors for many leading brick manufacturers including Weinerberger.


With over 9 years’ experience and with a major focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your new projects as well as ongoing projects with complete professional service and assistance.




  • The team at marskraft has done a stupendous job of taking up the challenge of providing a cost effective as well as quality roofing for my villa. Their efforts in trying to understand my requirement and finding my requirement and finding a solution totally out of the box is worth commending and appreciating. My best wishes to the team for all their future challenges.



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